A few highlights:

I was the founder and editor of the Oh Crap! What Now? guide, a guide to preparing for a Trump presidency that went viral. We were covered on CNN.com, the Guardian, Fusion, Business Insider, Raw Story, Der Standard (in German), and other smaller presses. I also presented on the guide at NYU’s Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics’ Critical Tactics series.

I was also the project lead for The World Is a Terrible Place, a top-rated weekly news magazine on Radio Free Brooklyn that ran from May-November 2016. I have also recapped the news intermittently for the internet’s premiere DIY news network, SJNN.

From ~2012-2017 I was one of the lead moderators of Queer Exchange, a 27,000-person Facebook group for queers in New York City.

My writing with Damien Luxe was published in Sinister Wisdom 101: Variations.

I’ve done a series of image-based articles for Slant.com (links now sadly defunct):

The President is Officially Out of Fucks

These 5 Cats are Totally Psyched about Gravitational Waves

Animal Pundit Weigh in on Donald Trump

Another, older piece: the official underwear survey for Autostraddle, a progressive, feminist blog for LBT women.

I’ve done several interactive mapping projects over the years. This is my somewhat scandalous favorite: